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Response Protocol

When will the ACFA-FC be dispatched?

      The Fire Chaplain is important at the scene to be a ministry of presence to the fire department personnel. The Fire Chaplain stands in the gap, providing ministry to fire fighters, and victims and caring for their immediate needs at the scene. Dispatchers should immediately notify the ACFA FC for incidents occurring in the county, where volunteers are   responding, that include:


A.  Dispatch the Fire Chaplain to the scene when:

      - A working fire, second alarm, W-3 or greater is called.

     - MVA involving death, or involving entrapment with prolonged extrication.

    - Any call involving death by trauma or unusual manner.

     - Incident involving death to a child/infant being served by VFD’s.

     - All mass causality incidents or multiple death scenes.

     - Natural Disaster causing death and/or critical injury.

     - A *critical incident is in progress.

         A critical incident is any situation faced by Fire Command/EMS personnel causing unusually strong emotional reactions.

     - A critical injury or death to a firefighter is reported.

     - Any Line of duty injury when requested.

     - Incident involving suicide.

     - The incident involves a victim that is a member of a department member’s family.

     - Whenever the incident commander COMMAND determines that the services of the Chaplain

          may be of value in the ongoing emergency operation.


B.  The ACFA Fire Chaplain will respond to the scene:    

      -When contacted by 911 Communications Dispatch, or at the request of any of the following:

          ACVFD, PFD, PPD,Autauga Co. SO, EMA, CERT, FEMA, Autauga County Rescue Squad,

               and will be under the authority of COMMAND.


     - At the discretion of the Fire Chaplain.


C.  The ACFA Fire Chaplain will respond to the Hospital when:


     - The Incident commander or fire medic providing treatment determines that

          the victim or family may need support or counsel.

     - A member of the VFD is the victim.

     - At the discretion of the Fire Chaplain.

And I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me .... Ezek. 22:30
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