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Friday, July 19, 2024
In Christ love and service
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Chaplain's Work



What does the ACFA-FC do?


The ACFA Fire Chaplain is:
A ministry of presence.   Feels called by God.
A listener, a talker, a helper: when ask.
Provides spiritual guidance and ministry when needed.

Assist in any way possible when personnel are seriously injured, ill or deceased, upon request.

One who visits the sick or injured volunteers; at home or the hospital, when requested; and as time allows. Is available to visit fire departments/stations and volunteers; to build relationships, to encourage morale, and to attend to personal needs. 

One who deals with distraught citizens to help them from interfering with the work of fire, EMS, or rescue personnel. He attends staff meetings, training, drills and social functions and participate when appropriate, when he is requested and when available.

Is available, upon request to assist with and/or conduct weddings, memorial services, funerals and religious activities, including invocations and benedictions, when available.

Assist in training programs when requested and offer in-services on stress management, family and spousal matters, and spiritual matters.

On the scene the FC is an encourager and is available to minister and/or provide pastoral care for the victims. The FC is available to victims of tragedy to help citizens receive help and aid from available resources. On the scene the FC is one who stands in the gap.The FC will assist and support Fire Command on scene with non-operational matters when requested.The FC will respond when contacted/dispatched by COMMUNICATIONS (911), or when requested by any of the following: ACVFD, PFP, PPD, Autauga Co. Sheriff, EMA, CERT, FEMA, Autauga Co. Res. Squad, and will be under the command authority of the IC/Command and the officer in command of the established Command.The FC is proactive and a professional help to the departments, the Fire Chiefs, the firefighters, and the administrative personal in your department.

And I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me .... Ezek. 22:30


In Christ love and service,

Chaplain One, Rufus Pearson, Jr.

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