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Fire Chaplain Fund

The Fire Chaplain Fund is to be the primary source of financial support helping the
ACFA - Office of Fire Chaplain achieve excellence in its mission and purpose.
The Fire Chaplain Fund provides the financial support for the Office of Fire Chaplain.
The money raised is used by the Fire Chaplain to provide items to support the
firefighters; to provide support for the victims; and to help support with the
training, education and expenses for the ACFA Fire Chaplain.
100% of your donation goes right into the Fire Chaplain Fund and 100% is
designated to the Autauga County Firefighters Association -Office of Fire Chaplain.
What will your gift do?     
1. Victim Support   
5. Training
2. Firefighter Support   
6. Education

3. Chaplain Supplies

7. Supplies ACFFA
4. Equipment
8. Compensation

Your gift helps the victims of house fires.

     Your gift helps to buy food, water and supplies.

     Your gift provides critical supplies for the FIREFIGHTERS.

     Your gift makes it possible to educate and train the Fire Chaplain.

     Your gift helps the Fire Chaplain to support and care for the firefighters.

     Your gift helps purchase Fire Chaplain supplies, uniform and gear, necessary for the ministry at hand.

     Your gift helps the Fire Chaplain to obtain first aid supplies and emergency response and disaster supplies.

     Your gift will allow the Fire Chaplain to be more available by funding the OFC to provide compensation for
Fire Chaplains activities, mileage, hours worked and on call hours.  
The ACFA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered with the State of Alabama.All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.
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