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Friday, July 19, 2024
In Christ love and service

The Victims


What happens when the emergency responders leave?
Where do victims and families turn?
Who do they call?
Who can answer their questions?
Who will pray for and with them?
In the midst of disaster the Fire Chaplain is there.
The current resources for those who experience displacement or severe loss from fire is limited.
One goal I have is to improve on the resources available for fire victims of Autauga County.
Another goal is to bring Christians and Churches and those with a desire to help together.
     I want to establish Critical Incidence Teams (CIT's) that will be available to respond and help the victims by looking out for them just as the typical Church does for it's members when they have problems. Perhaps bring meals, food, and supplies; or help them shop for supplies, food and clothes; with money donated for this cause.  The victim may need help with babysitting, temporary housing, or other things that those who serve Christ are good at doing.
     One way I hope to see the gap being filled is with a 24-hour disaster box for victims. Also a food box would be nice, depending on where the victims stay.  This may require shopping cards, restaurant cards, or microwave ready food instead of the usual canned and dry goods. 
     In June 0f 2014 the Office of Fire Chaplain of the ACFA received an answered to the Fire Chaplain's prayer.
The 24-hour Victim Disaster Box became a reality.  The name given to the "24-Hour Victim Disaster Box" program is "Helping Hands".  This is the tote box ministry I have desired to start.  Now there is a way to get those urgently needed supplies into the victims hands in the first few hours of suffering loss.  The box has the supplies to meet the  immediate hygiene and food needs of the victims.
     The Helping Hands 24-hour disaster box is provided by donations given to the Fire Chaplain Fund(FCF).  The FCF is the official place to donate to the Office of Fire Chaplain/ACFA. The ACFA/FCF pays for the supplies for the disaster boxes. You can donate money or supplies to the FCF/ACFA to help. 
Go to the HELPING HANDS page and watch as the Helping Hands ministry begins to grows.  Want you help?
And I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me .... Ezek. 22:30