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Disaster Box Contents

Disaster Box Contents

Below is a sample of a typical disaster box.  
Box contents vary depending on items on hand. 
Hygiene Items
Food Items
1- roll paper towel
1- utensil pack per person

3 spoons, 2 forks, 1 knife, napkins, 3 hard peppermints

1- roll toilet paper

1- trail mix or nuts or dried fruit pk.

1-trash bag
1- can stacked potato chips

1- waterless hand sanitizer bottle

1- tube of crackers like Ritz or Saltines
1- antibacterial wet wipes
1- can peanuts
1- comb and 1- brush
1- jar peanut butter

1- toothpaste & toothbrush pp

1- squeeze jelly
1- shaving cream
1- pk. Chewing gum
1- spray underarm deodorant
*24-Hr Meals & Snacks
1- razor per adult

** 2 canned meals; 1 breakfast item; and           2 snacks for each person (items vary)

1- pocket Kleenex type tissue

Sample Items:

5- Q-Tip type type cotton swabs

1- bowl of dry cereal
4- cotton wipe pads

2- chef Boyardee type 7oz cans

1- shop towel
 or Vienna sausage

* may have Holy Bible or other items

   Or tuna/chicken salad & cracker pk.
6- 3oz bathroom type cups
Snack examples:
1- bottle of shampoo &
1- bottle of body wash gel

Meat sticks, cookies, raisins, nuts, M&M’s, pudding, apple sauce,

Bottled water could be provided

Snack bars, cheese dippers, flavoring for water,

Children could have assorted juice packets, yahoo, Kool-Aid, etc.

Small bags of chips, chex mix, cheez-it,

PNB or cheese crackers
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